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The Vanishing Deep is the thrilling new YA fantasy from the bestselling author of Four Dead Queens! Dead or living, everyone must pay the price.

The King of Crows is here at last! Will The Diviners be able to defeat him and save the nation – and the world?

Euphoria Kids is an entrancing, gentle novel about friendship, hope and finding where you fit from the author of Highway Bodies and Ida.

A Throne of Swans is an irresistible, soaring story about courage, broken loyalties and fighting for you place in the world.

The Queen of Nothing is the intoxicating and bloodthirsty finale to the bestselling series The Folk of the Air by Holly Black.

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149 9781760525576
The Vanishing Deep

Astrid Scholte

Astrid Scholte brings us another exhilarating standalone fantasy that had us holding our breaths to the very last page! A must-read!