Wives, Mistresses and Matriarchs

Asian women today

Louise Williams
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These are the untold, true stories of the women of Asia, the stories of Prime Ministers, factory labourers, business magnates, mistresses and prostitutes in a region which is facing the most profound social change the world has ever seen.

This is the untold story of the women of Asia. It is not a tale of the submissive oriental beauties of western fiction, but the true stories of prime ministers, factory labourers, business magnates, mistresses and prostitutes. It is a true story of extraordinary power and humiliating poverty in a region which is facing the most profound social changes the world has ever seen. It is a book about the private and public power of the women of the elite, and the pragmatism of the women of the slums.

How can a region produce the first female prime minister in the world and yet tolerate the child prostitution of Bangkok and Manila? How can women in countries where their role is perceived by westerners as second-class citizens rise to the top of industrial conglomerates? Right across Asia women occupy positions of extraordinary power - and excruciating powerlessness.

Louise Williams has met and talked with the famous and the faceless, from Benazir Bhutto, Corazon Aquino and Aung San Suu Kyi to the one-time Viet Cong commando, the lover in the Hong Kong 'mistress village', and the Jakarta factory girl. A publisher in Seoul and a judge in Jakarta - these and many other women from the countries of Asia have enabled Louise Williams to provide a fascinating and unique view of changing patterns in a fast changing society.

Author bio:

Louise Williams is one of Australia's most experienced journalists writing on Asia. Currently the correspondent in Jakarta for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, she has also been based in Manila and Bangkok while covering the Asia region, as well as serving as Foreign Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald. She is the author of On the Wire: An Australian Journalist on the Front Line in Asia.

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Table Of Contents: Introducing Yurnilawati: the only child

The maid and the washing machine

Splitting the bamboo

I am not a prostitute

A tale of four mothers

The mistress village

Her father's face

The execution of Nguyen Thi Chien

A heroine

The rear legs of the elephant

The night bus to Bangkok

The girl in the white Mercedes-Benz

Her father's daughter

Rich bitch

An arranged marriage

Mothers of the uprising


The love boat

The re-education camp

The only man in the Cabinet

On stoning for adultery

The princess

Java's empty villages

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Pub Date: September 1998
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