Dangerous Games

Australia at the 1936 Nazi Olympics

Larry Writer
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A team of thirty-three Australian athletes competed in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. Poorly prepared and with limited support, they bravely faced formidable competition. Larry Writer recreates their experience so vividly we can imagine ourselves in the famous stadium surrounded by swastikas.

Shortlisted for the 2015 William Hill Australian Sports Book of the Year Award

This is a tale of innocents abroad. Thirty-three athletes left Australia in May 1936 to compete in the Hitler Olympics in Berlin. Believing sporting competition was the best antidote to tyranny, they put their qualms on hold. Anything to be part of the greatest show on earth.

Dangerous Games drops us into a front row seat at the 100,000-capacity Olympic stadium to witness some of the finest sporting performances of all time - most famously the African American runner Jesse Owens, who eclipsed the best athletes the Nazis could pit against him in every event he entered. The Australians, with their antiquated training regimes and amateur ethos, valiantly confronted the intensely focused athletes of Germany, the United States and Japan. Behind the scenes was cut-throat wheeling and dealing, defiance of Hitler, and warm friendships among athletes.

What they did and saw in Berlin that hot, rainy summer influenced all that came after until their dying days.

Author bio:

Larry Writer is an award-winning author with an interest in sport, history and crime.

Category: Sport
ISBN: 9781743319383
Awards: Short-listed William Hill Australian Sports Book of the Year 2015 AU
Table Of Contents: Prologue: The wattle and the swastika

1 Berlin wins the games

2 On your marks

3 The class of '36

4 Darkness descending

5 Amateur hour

6 Boycott Berlin!

7 All at sea

8 Into the lair

9 Bells, whistles and a grand arena

10 Settling in

11 Innocents abroad

12 Olympic countdown

13 The Opening Ceremony

14 Days of grace and fury

15 The dying flame

16 Behind the mask

17 Sifting the wreckage

18 Finish lines



Publisher: Allen & Unwin
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Pub Date: June 2015
Page Extent: 352
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