Memory Craft

Improve your memory using the most powerful methods from around the world

Lynne Kelly
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In her bestselling book The Memory Code Lynne Kelly uncovers the memory methods of the ancients. She has now tested them thoroughly and in Memory Craft she shows how anyone of any age can use traditional memory methods to expand their memory capacity and to memorise whatever they want.

Our brain is a muscle. Like our bodies, it needs exercise. In the last few hundred years, we have stopped training our memories and we have lost the ability to memorise large amounts of information.

Memory Craft introduces the best memory techniques humans have ever devised, from ancient times and the Middle Ages, to methods used by today's memory athletes. Lynne Kelly has tested all these methods in experiments which demonstrate the extraordinary capacity of our brains at any age.

For anyone who needs to memorise a speech or a play script, learn anatomy or a foreign language, or prepare for an exam, Memory Craft is a fabulous toolkit. It offers proven techniques for teachers to help their students learn more effectively. There are also simple strategies for anyone who has trouble remembering names or dates, and for older people who want to keep their minds agile. Above all, memorising things can be playful, creative and great fun.

'Weaving the deep history of memory techniques along with the techniques themselves, Memory Craft is a memory book like no other I've ever read.' - Nelson Dellis, four times USA Memory Champion

'With her infectious enthusiasm and depth of personal experience, Dr Lynne Kelly teaches us how we too can memorise anything…[and] potentially protect our memories from decline as we age.' - Dr Meredith McKague, University of Melbourne

Author bio:

Dr Lynne Kelly AM is the memory whisperer. A senior memory champion, science writer and Honorary Research Associate at La Trobe University Melbourne, she is author of the ground-breaking book The Memory Code.

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ISBN: 9781760633059
Table Of Contents: INTRODUCTION

CHAPTER 1: A medieval starting place

CHAPTER 2: Creating a memory palace

CHAPTER 3: Stories, imagination and the way your brain works

CHAPTER 4: Characters, characters everywhere Ma-ori ancestors

CHAPTER 5: Weird and wonderful portable memory aids

CHAPTER 6: When art becomes writing When and what was the first writing?

CHAPTER 7: Lessons from the Middle Ages The art changes purpose

CHAPTER 8: Learning in school and throughout life Permanent memory palaces for all students

CHAPTER 9: Does memory have to decline when you age?

CHAPTER 10: Memory athletes battle it out

Appendix A: Table of memory methods Appendix B: Bestiary
Appendix C: Prehistory Journey
Appendix D: My chosen ancestors Acknowledgements
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Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: June 2019
Page Extent: 320
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Memory