Reflections on a Mountain Lake

A Western nun talks on practical Buddhism

Tenzin Palmo
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Teachings on meditation and Buddhist philosophy from the Western nun portrayed in Vicki Mackenzie's best-selling biography, Cave in the Snow.

Tenzin Palmo draws on her years of solitary meditation in a Himalayan cave to bring us this down-to-earth and inspiring approach to the spiritual path. Her advice is characteristically direct: 'the essential thing is to learn how to develop a practice which you can live with moment to moment in your everyday life.'

Tenzin Palmo explains how to develop a regular meditation practice and shows how meditation can help us deal with painful emotions like anger, fear and jealousy. With great clarity and insight, she introduces core principles of Buddhist philosophy and explains karma, reincarnation and the tantric tradition. She also explores the traditions of great female practitioners and how they are being maintained today.

'Tenzin Palmo is one of the most genuine and accomplished of Western practitioners.'

Jack Kornfield, author of Path with a Heart

'Her example empowers each of us to wake up, calling forth a modern practical approach to a precious ancient tradition. Tenzin Palmo's is a voice we need to hear, a woman who has fully experienced what she speaks about with an absolute honesty, delightful humor, and real insight.'

Tsultrim Allione, author of Women of Wisdom

'A marvellous read. Out of the depth of Tenzin Palmo's own lengthy meditation experience comes a clear explanation and heartfelt advice about the Buddhist path.'

Vicki Mackenzie, author of Cave in the Snow

Author bio:

Tenzin Palmo was born in London in 1943. She travelled to India when she was 20, met her teacher, and in 1964 was one of the first Western women to be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun. She spent twelve years in seclusion, practising meditation in a Himalayan cave and Vicki Mackenzie's bestselling Cave in the Snow is the story of her life.

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ISBN: 9781865088105
Table Of Contents: 1. A Western Yogini

2. Motivation and Practice

3. Ethics and the Three Training

4. The Six Realms

5. Women and the Path

6. Calm Abiding or Shamatha

7. Insight or Vipashyana

8. Awareness

9. Difficult Points for Westerners

10. Nature of Mind

11. The Role of the Spiritual Master

12. Vajrayana

13. Tonglen

14. Visualising the Deity

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Pub Date: July 2002
Page Extent: 256
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