Great Battles in Australian History

Jonathan King
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From battle on the high seas in the 18th century, to the peace-keeping forces in the 21st century, award-winning author Dr Jonathan King describes the battles that have had the greatest influence on Australian history.

'Yes, we could fight all right. Nobody could fight better than us diggers.' - Jack Buntine, veteran of Gallipoli and the Western Front

Great Battles in Australian History tells the story of the forty most remarkable conflicts involving Australians through the eyes of the great heroes who were there. Alongside them, we can ride a horse into battle to save a wounded bugler in the Boer War; charge up the cliffs with the Anzacs at Gallipoli to help forge the legend; ride history's last great cavalry charge with the legendary Light Horse; shoot Japanese planes down as they bomb Darwin; beat off Hitler's Desert Fox, Rommel, with the 'Rats of Tobruk'; escape from a Viet Cong ambush in a tropical downpour, or slide down a rope from a helicopter into the jaws of a Taliban attack in Afghanistan. Many of these great warriors won the Victoria Cross; some died winning it.

As historian Jonathan King takes us to the battlefields of long ago and then on a rollercoaster-ride right up to the war in Afghanistan, he brings history alive, laying bare the significance of each battle.

Despite the heroics and the glory, the devastation that war wreaks is inescapable. This book serves as a tribute to all the Australian servicemen and women who have fought selflessly for their country over the last two centuries.

''ANZAC' stood and still stands for reckless valour in a good cause, for enterprise, resourcefulness, fidelity, comradeship and endurance that will never admit defeat.' - Charles Bean

Author bio:

Dr Jonathan King is the award-winning author of over 30 historical books, and has interviewed many veterans from Gallipoli, the Western Front and other conflicts. He specialises in military history, and has led tour groups to Gallipoli and the Western Front.

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