Reflections on nineteenth-century Australia

Edited by Penny Russell and Richard White
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A well-organised collection of the best recent writing on nineteenth century Australian history.

Memories of Australian History at school often evoke images of hot classrooms and well-meaning teachers struggling to spin out a thin tale of colonial administration and land settlement, in which nothing 'really happened'.

All that is changing. The history that is taught and written in universities today is less concerned with grand events and structured narratives, and more interested in reconstructing people's lives. This approach opens up new questions for discussion in Australian History and revitalises old ones.

Pastiche, with its companion volume Memories and Dreams, provides a window into the transformations which have taken place in the writing of Australian History in the last two decades. They bring together some of the most important, illuminating and path-breaking work by many of Australia's leading historians, each of whom reflects back on the circumstances in which they wrote the particular articles and looks at the directions history has taken since. Pastiche covers major issues in the history of white Australia before 1900, including reinterpretations of race relations, political culture, class antagonisms, urban and rural experience, sexual politics in the family and the public sphere, and popular cultural practices.

Collectively, these articles go even further, unstitching the narrative of Australian History, highlighting the unexpected connections, and challenging the whole notion of a fixed past.

Author bio:

PENNY RUSSELL is the author of A Wish of Distinction: Colonial Gentility and Femininity and is currently working on female culture in Australia. RICHARD WHITE is the author of Inventing Australia: Images and Identity 1688-1980 and articles on nationalism, popular culture, travel and war. They both lecture in history at the University of Sydney, where together they have taught popular courses on nineteenth and twentieth century Australia.

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Introduction: Australian history and the nineteenth century

1 Past silences: Aborigines and convicts in our history-making - Tom Griffiths

2 The white man's looking glass: Aboriginal-colonial gender relations at Port Jackson - Ann McGrath

3 Aboriginal-European contact history: Problems and issues - Henry Reynolds

4 Four patterns of convict protest - Alan Atkinson

5 Towards independence: Recipes for self-government in colonial New South Wales - Alan Atkinson

6 Egalitarianism - John Hirst

7 The making of the Australian working class: A historiographical survey - Stuart Macintyre

8 Uncovering poverty in Australian history - C. T. Stannage

9 A boom for whom? Some developments in the Australian labour market, 1870-1891 - Jenny Lee and Charles Fahey

10 Capital and labour: Responses to immigration in the nineteenth century - Verity Burgmann

11 The study of domestic violence in colonial Queensland: Sources and problems - Kay Saunders

12 Youth on trial: The Mt Rennie case - David Walker

13 Sydney and the bush: An urban context for the Australian legend - Graeme Davison

14 The politics of respectability: Identifying the masculinist context - Marilyn Lake

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Pub Date: August 1994
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