Irish Women in Colonial Australia

Edited by Trevor McClaughlin
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A fascinating trip into colonial history, the result of collaboration between family historians, genealogists and social historians

The women of Ireland, bond or free, have left a distinctive mark on Australia's population and culture.

Irish Women in Colonial Australia provides an intriguing picture of the richness and variety of the Irish experience in the making of a new nation. Ireland provided the majority of female convicts for the first forty years of the penal colony, and Irish women made up a significant proportion of assisted and free immigrants throughout the nineteenth century. Through nine lively essays, a rare collaboration between family historians and professional historians enables the reader to range across the lives of murderers and orphans, workers and the new rich, country maids and slum dwellers.

Who were these women? Why did they come here? What did they bring with them? And what did they make of their lives in the raw, new world so different from the world they left behind?

Author bio:

Trevor McClaughlin is the author of From Shamrock To Wattle (1985, 1990) and Barefoot + Pregnant: Irish Famine Orphans In Australia (1991). A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and Cambridge, he teaches history at Macquarie University.

Contributors include: Portia Robinson, Robin Haines, Richard Reid, Richard Davis, Eric Richards, David Fitzpatrick, Pauline Rule, Libby Connors, Bernadette Turner.

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ISBN: 9781864487152
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1 'Thank God it can be no worse' - Portia Robinson

2 'Unfit to die' - Richard Davis

3 'The priest made a bother about it' - Robin Haines

4 Dora MacDonagh and her 'sisters' - Richard Reid

5 'If she was to be hard up she would sooner be hard up in a strange land than where she would be known' - Eric Richards/Ann Herraman

6 'I cannot do any more' - Libby Connors/Bernadette Turner

7 'Tell father and mother not to be unhappy for I am very comfortable' - Pauline Rule

8 'I was nowhere else' - Trevor McClaughlin

9 'This is the place that foolish girls are knowing' - David Fitzpatrick


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