Black Australians and white invaders

Henry Reynolds
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A fascinating collection of documents revealing in their own words how white Australians regarded Aboriginal people in the two centuries since white colonisation led to black dispossession.

Aboriginal and immigrant Australians have shared this continent for 200 years. Nineteenth-century writers were aware of the importance of the Aboriginal presence, but when the colonists began to write their own history the Aborigines were erased from the account. Recently, this 'history' has been overturned as we rediscover the role of Aborigines in our past.

In this collection of documents our forebears speak for themselves. They present a fascinating picture of how they endeavoured to come to terms - emotionally, morally and intellectually - with the victims of the dispossession.

This fascinating collection, compiled by a leading authority on white-Aboriginal relations, challenges the general reader to reinterpret our past. It will prove invaluable to students of history and race relations in schools, colleges and universities.

Author bio:

Henry Reynolds, the best-known historian of Aboriginal Australia, is the author of a number of controversial accounts of the Aboriginal experience. Among his books are The Other Side of the Frontier, The Law of the Land, With the White People, Frontier and Aboriginal Sovereignty.

Category: History
ISBN: 9781864481419
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1 White Australia: Guilty or Not Guilty?

2 The Frontier: Peaceful Settlement or Brutal Conquest?

3 The Land Question: Are we a Community of Thieves?

4 The Image of the Aborigines: Black Brothers or Degraded Savages?

5 Aborigines in White Society: Citizens or Outcasts?

6 Missionaries: Saviours or Destroyers?

7 Government Policy: Assimilation or Segregation?


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Pub Date: May 1996
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