Constructing Capitalism

An economic history of eastern Australia, 1788-1901

Andrew Wells
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Constructing Capitalism describes Australia's transformation from an immense and isolated gaol in 1788 to a liberal capitalist economy by the time of Federation.

In 1788, Australia was a gaol. In 1901 it was a liberal capitalist economy.

How were the convict settlements, scattered on the edge of a vast unexplored continent, transformed within little more than a century into a 'free enterprise' economy?

In tracing the forces engaged in that transformation, Constructing Capitalism places the creation of a new society within its economic and political context. It demonstrates the crucial role of land policy and the labour market in the early years. It describes the rise of merchant capital and the vicissitudes of finance capital. It analyses the central role of the State in economic development.

By 1901 most of the legal, political and economic structures familiar to us today had been created. Constructing Capitalism reveals the foundations of contemporary Australia.

Author bio:

A graduate of the Australian National University, DR ANDREW WELLS teaches history at the University of Wollongong.

Category: History
ISBN: 9780043701836
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1 Key issues in colonial political economy, 1788-1901

2 The origins of Australian capitalism, 1788-1830

3 Making capitalist property relations: politics and land policy, 1830-1860

4 The rise of merchant capital

5 Landed property

6 The colonial state and economic development

7 Finance capital in the Australian colonies

8 Classes in colonial Australia: a Marxist viewpoint

9 Crisis and reconstruction in colonial political economy, 1890-1901


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Pub Date: January 1989
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