Chasing Shadows

The untold and deadly story of terrorism in Australia

Kristy Campion
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From Irish revolutionaries to the Christchurch massacre and the rise of right wing extremism, Chasing Shadows uncovers the long and brutal history of terrorism in Australia.

Australia likes to assume that extremists and their dark ideas can be stopped at the border. But Fortress Australia, and the sense of security it provides, is an illusion. For over a century, extreme ideologies have seeped through the borders into Australian communities. Terrorists have repeatedly emerged from the shadows, bringing terrible violence.

Chasing Shadows exposes the surprisingly long history of political and religious violence in Australia. It includes previously classified and little-known information, shedding new light on major incidents and thwarted plots. It discloses secret training camps, hit lists and forgotten missions. It reveals the true nature and extent of terrorism in Australia.

This history spans Irish nationalists, justice commandos and left-wing radicals who sought to foment revolution. It explores the religious cults of Ananda Marga and Aum Shinrikyo, and the jihadist networks of Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. It also traverses right-wing extremism, from Croatian fascists through to the white supremacists who have dominated headlines since the Christchurch massacre.

'Essential reading for those seeking to understand the contemporary terrorist phenomenon in Australia.' - David Irvine AO, former Director-General of Security in charge of ASIO

'We can only defeat terrorism if we understand it first . . . A compelling read for anyone who wants to understand how we have arrived where we are.' - Andrew Colvin APM, OAM, former Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police

'Engaging, well-researched and comprehensive, Chasing Shadows is a major contribution to understanding the past and present terrorist threats to Australia.' - Emeritus Professor David Horner AM FASSA, author of The Spy Catchers

'Dr Campion's work should be read by all who want to understand the long and painful history of terrorism in Australia.' - Professor Randall Law, Birmingham-Southern College, USA

Author bio:

Dr Kristy Campion is Australia's leading expert on right wing extremism and terrorism. She is a lecturer in Terrorism Studies in the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security at Charles Sturt University, the largest university level training program in counter-terrorism and border security internationally. She has advised government in Australia and New Zealand, been an invited speaker at high level security seminars, and delivered high level training to federal and state authorities.

Category: History
ISBN: 9781761065309
Table Of Contents: Introduction

Shadows of Empire, 1868-1918
1 The Fenian circle: Irish terrorism

The Revolution Generation, 1965-75
2 A socialist utopia: left-wing extremism
3 A fascist homeland: the Ustasa
4 Quest for state: Pro-Palestinian terrorism

Southern Cross Terror, 1975-90
5 Spiritual elites: the Ananda Marga
6 Promise of vengeance: pro-Armenian terrorism
7 Fires in the night: right-wing extremism
8 Under sarin skies: Aum Shinrikyo

Battles Cries, 1990 onwards
9 White meat: Jemaah Islamiyah
10 Caliphate dreaming: the Al-Qaeda franchise
11 Civilisation burning: the Islamic State network
12 Darkest of hours: the extreme right

Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: February 2022
Page Extent: 392
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Australasian & Pacific history