Eat Sleep Zoom Reheat

How to Survive and Thrive in Your Student Kitchen

Chris Stark
AUD $24.99

How to survive and thrive in your student kitchen!

'Finally, a cookbook for students who actually care about what they put in their mouths! I wish I had written it myself' - Tom Kerridge

'There's nothing that puts a smile on my face as much as Chris Stark's flavours exploding in my mouth' - Lewis Capaldi

Chris Stark was once just like you. A wide-eyed kitchen novice who couldn't tell a cordon bleu from a courgette. A lost soul who boiled his pasta in the kettle. A hopeless dreamer who destroyed his toaster after turning it on its side to make toasties.

But all that has changed.

For years, BBC Radio 1 presenter Chris has secretly been in pursuit of the perfect student recipes. And now he comes to you armed with a hard-won immunity to salmonella and one deep truth: in the student kitchen, there are only three commandments that matter: let all food be practical, Instagrammable, and dead cheap.

This book will arm you with the inspiration to knock together super-tasty, super-easy meals for any occasion: speedy eats, detox dishes, one-pot wizardry, food for thought, food for sport, date night delights, party food, 'DIY takeaway solutions' and breadline-time starvation rations - all with the guarantee of being delicious, nutritious and costing much, much less than your last library fine.

Students up and down the country, heed the call: Eat. Sleep. Zoom. Reheat. is the only cookbook you'll need in 2020. Or ever, really.

Author bio:

CHRIS STARK is a BBC Radio 1 and BBC 5Live presenter, graduate of the University of Southampton, regular guest on Saturday Kitchen and full-time third wheel on the award-winning That Peter Crouch Podcast. Do any of these things qualify him to write a cookbook? Absolutely not. However, for years now, he has boiled his way through failure, seared his way through fear, and scoured out the doubt, to become a tough-cookin' one-man student food solution.And so, the book you now hold was born - a one-stop student cookbook, suitable for anyone ready to start out in the university kitchen.

Category: Food & Drink
ISBN: 9781786065728
Publisher: Bonnier
Imprint: John Blake
Pub Date: February 2021
Page Extent: 176
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Budget cookery