Children of War

Iraqi children speak

Deborah Ellis
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Years have passed since the US and its allies invaded Iraq, and true democracy has yet to come. Four million Iraqis have been displaced; half are living in desolate tent camps, the others mostly stuck in Jordan and Syria. Deborah Ellis interviews some of the war's most tragic victims - Iraqi children.

Using the same format as Three Wishes and Off to War, Deborah Ellis turns her attention to the most tragic victims of the Iraq war: Iraqi children. She interviews young people, mostly refugees living in Jordan, but also a few who are trying to build new lives in North America. Some families left Iraq with money; others are penniless and ill or disabled. Most of the children have parents who are working illegally or not at all, and the fear of deportation is a constant threat.

A glossary, map and suggestions for finding further information are included.

Author bio:

Internationally acclaimed author, humanitarian and peace activist, Deborah Ellis has traveled the world to meet with and hear the stories of children affected by poverty, war, racism and illness. Her fiction and non-fiction books give us a glimpse into the lives of children from Afghanistan (The Parvana Trilogy), Bolivia (The Diego books), the Middle East (Three Wishes: Palestinian and Israeli Children Speak) and Southern Africa (The Heaven Shop).

Royalties from Children of War and Deborah's book Off To War: Voices of Soldiers' Children (a collection of interviews with children of Canadian and American soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq) are to be donated to the Children in Crisis Fund of IBBY, the International Board on Books for Young People.

Category: Young adult non-fiction
ISBN: 9781742371146
Awards: Short-listed Forest of Reading Awards 2010 AU
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Pub Date: August 2009
Page Extent: 120
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Age: 10 - 14
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