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Deborah Ellis
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Award-winning junior novel from the author of Parvana and Parvana's Journey, about a young city girl's determination to be herself and keep her family together, against the odds.

I'm going to explore everything, all over the world. I'll see things no one else has ever seen, or ever will see. I'll have a new adventure every half hour, and everybody else's life will be really boring compared to mine.

Growing up with autistic twin brothers and a mother who used to be a stripper, Khyber already knows a lot about adventure. She battles school bullies, works with the rudest waitress in the world, and helps take care of her difficult brothers.

Money is scarce and life is tough, but her family is bound together by fierce ties of love and loyalty. It's only when these ties are threatened that Khyber is forced to become a real explorer - of her city, her family and herself.

Author bio:

Deborah Ellis is an internationally acclaimed Canadian author, best known for her books about women and children struggling to survive in Afghanistan.

Category: Children's
ISBN: 9781741141276
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Publisher: A&U Children's
Imprint: A & U Children
Pub Date: May 2003
Page Extent: 132
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 11 - 14
Subject: Children's, Teenage & educational