Philosophy in 100 Quotes

Gareth Southwell
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The story of philosophy through 100 wonderful quotes.

Newton's famous quote - "if I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants" - reveals a universal truth: that all discoveries and advances in knowledge are built on earlier discoveries and advances. A great way to continue this tradition is to study and understand quotations.

Philosophy in 100 Quotes is not just a random collection of quotes - it is a compendium of 3000 years of philosophical thought, brought together in the words of the thinkers whose work has changed our understanding of ourselves and the universe in which we live. These are quotes that will inform, inspire, and entertain. Join us on a trip through the history of philosophy and explore the meaning of the quote and the life and work of the people who said them.

Author bio:

Gareth Southwell is a British author and illustrator based in Wales, UK. His background is in academic philosophy, which he studied at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has taught, examined and written extensively about philosophy for both students and the general reader and ran the website Philosophy Online for 16 years. A decade of caricatures for The Philosophers' Magazine (for which he also wrote several articles) honed his distinctive artistic style.

Category: Philosophy
ISBN: 9781760528409
Publisher: Crows Nest
Imprint: Crows Nest
Pub Date: January 2019
Page Extent: 208
Format: Paperback
Subject: Philosophy