Sign Language Companion

A Handbook of British Signs

Cath Smith
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A handbook of British Sign Language aimed at young people which allows for regional variations with signs that link ideas and concepts, and can be constructed in conversation. Topics covered include family and friends, behaviour, sharing ideas, food and drink and feelings.

An easy-to-follow guide to sign language, providing over 400 illustrations to demonstrate common signs and grouping signs. Sign Language Companion is formatted in groups of linked ideas to allow the development of real conversations immediately.

British Sign Language (BSL) is Britain's fourth most popular language, and for the Deaf community it is the most fluent means of communication and the most direct way for hearing people to interact with the deaf.

Sign Language Companion is for all BSL students and covers topics from:

Getting to know you. Sharing ideas and interests. Sharing feelings and building relationships. Food and drink. This is an invaluable reference for all learners of BSL, of any age, to which they can return again and again.

Author bio:

Cath Smith (nee Catherine Quinn) attended Rochdale Convent Grammar School and trained in social work with deaf people in Manchester and London in the early '70s. During her 18 years employment in a deaf school she also qualified as a BSL/English Interpreter and began her writing career with a range of accessible and ground-breaking books on BSL (British Sign Language). After founding she is now well-known for her creation of the LET'S SIGN Series of BSL educational materials and graphics which are widely used in education and adult BSL courses. See for details of the full range of LET'S SIGN BSL publications and for all new development work.

Category: Linguistics
ISBN: 9780285633339
Publisher: Profile Books
Imprint: Souvenir Press
Pub Date: August 1997
Page Extent: 128
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: linguistics